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Saffron from Turri

 "Zafferano della Sardegna"

What would be the life without saffron

Saffron is the passion of the life

Saffron is to taste the life

Saffron is to speak about the life

Saffron, knowledge of living

Saffron is to know the life

Saffron is to enjoy the life

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Raffaele Puddu

Via Trento 7

I 09020 Turri

Tel. 0039 348 705 88 48















Saffron the wonder spice


There are numerous beneficial properties of saffron. The normal doses used in cooking , helps the whole organism but particularly aids the digestion. It is a powerful antioxidant and one says a good aphrodisiac.

In ancient times the saffron was use as colorant for precious cloths
. Some of the traditional Sardinian costumes are coloured with saffron even today.

























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